Started in 1979, TAKO’s ESD products have gained wide market acceptance and popularity among the local semiconductors and related industries. Today, the new TAKO has grown to be one of the largest and most experienced ESD product manufacturers, with offices in Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines, India and China and a very broad customer base overseas.

TAKO and group of companies are supported by a team of experienced ESD professionals internationally. We provide state-of-the art know-how and technologies in the design and manufacture of innovative & cost-effective ESD products for the purpose of combat against ESD in the electronics industry.

Our team members comprised of Ph. D holder in the Management of ESD, NARTE Certified ESD Engineer, ESD Practitioner and Consultants. Our team not only provide effective and productive ESD solution to improve your bottom-line profit, but also in a position to provide you with the world class ESD product know-how to allow you to leapfrog ahead of your competitors.

Today, TAKO has submitted thirty (30) ESD products patent applications with numerous granted patent protection. Some of the ESD products invented are being sold successfully throughout the ASEAN region, Europe, USA, etc.

Thus, being the local pioneer in developing the first cleanroom bag for the medical glove industry in Malaysia in the 1980s, TAKO currently hold numerous international patents in the field of electrostatic control and cleanroom packaging technology.

Over the past 30 years, TAKO has innovated numerous high technology packaging solutions including the development and the production of the Ultra-Clean Easy-Tear PE bags and the special cleanroom Easy-Peel PE bags.

TAKO clean medical packaging bags have gained wide recognition and acceptance in the medical packaging industries with its ISO: 9001 certified production facility.

TAKO has established its presence in Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, China, Philippines, Hong Kong, India and other parts of the world.