Aerostat Tiny 2 is a tiny size ionizer (14.1 x 7.6 x 9.2cm) with coverage at 1’x3′, and decay time <3 sec. The emitter assembly can be demounted for easy maintenance

Loflow is a (24VDC) input ionizing nozzle, external high voltage supplies is eliminated

ionFOCUS is a (12VDC) input ionizing nozzle, high voltage is integrated for easy installation in equipment

Aerostat PC is a bench-top ionizer, with coverage at 1’x5′, and decay time <2 sec @ 12 inch from 1000V to 100V

TN2 is ionizing nozzle with offset voltage <+/-30V, light and tiny size (5.7 x 3.6 x 1.7cm) Emitter and Air out are seperated

Top Gun and Orion Nozzle is with 0+/-15V ion balance and 0.01 um filter. The cable to the gun/nozzle head is packed with static dissipative material.

Aerostat XC is a benchtop ionizer for large coverage at 3′ x 6′, and decay time < 2 sec @ 12 inch from 1000V to 100V

Aerostat Guardian ( CR2000 is a critical cleanroom compatible overhead ionizer by adopting Class 10 (209E; ISO Class 4) tested fan assembly for coverage at 2′ x 4′ decay time <3 sec @18 inch from 1000V to 100V, with very tight requirement on offset voltage.